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weather forecast

This is an image of a small thicket of trees that we’ve passed each afternoon while hiking to town. To me their color and bare limbs portray how cold it is here. I thought an abstract would translate that even more so I shook my camera as I pressed the shutter. Do you sense the cold? I suppose you might since I told you that’s what you were supposed to feel 🙂
Below is what the trees look like in reality.

(No wireless signal today so this is auto-scheduled post)

sun, rain, snow

We were greeted by sun at 9000 feet and enjoyed a full day of it.

The next night a scary storm made us feel that trees were coming down around us! The next morning it started to snow.

Today we went to Abiquiu and toured Georgia O’Keefe’s home. We’re now parked 15 miles from there at Ghost Ranch and the sun is trying to come out. Next stop is Bandelier Nat’l Monument. No internet for the next three days.

on the road again

From my archives today with a little help from Photomatix using the single image option. This was my favorite image from our last trip to New Mexico. The woman is Leona of Leona’s Restaurante which is located a few steps from the famous El Santuario de Chimayo. Her wonderful food and location has made her known around the world! We’re not going in that direction on this trip but I always think of her when I think of New Mexico.