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McDowell Mountains

I shot 39 vertical images to create this panorama of the McDowell Mountains in Scottsdale, Arizona. When and if the preservation goal can be reached, the McDowell Sonoran Preserve will cover one third of Scottsdale. Pretty cool!

(click above photo for larger version. When the larger photo opens, you might need to click on it for the full version. Use your bottom scroll bar to see the entire image.)

gambel’s quail nest

gamble’s quail nest
I noticed this quail nest in my little gardening enclosure more than a month ago and had hoped to photograph the eggs hatching but missed it. There were 11 eggs but only 10 hatched. So far we haven’t seen the chicks but Quail moms are very protective so we usually don’t see them for awhile.
gamble’s quail eggs
As you can see, Gambel’s Quail don’t make elaborate nests. There is usually just a depression in the ground making them very vulnerable to snakes and Roadrunners who both love to eat the eggs and baby chicks. Click here for more information on Gambel’s Quail.