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more elements 8 fun

One more montage using Elements 8. No layer masks this time.


This is a fun and easy way to blend images using the Pattern Stamp Tool and Blend modes.
(The Pattern Stamp Tool is available in all version of Elements).

My montage is made up of just two images and a text layer. Following are directions.
No screenshots this time sorry. I also don’t show shortcuts.

1. Open two images. One texture image. One subject image (ideally same size).
My texture is a weird bush and my subject is an owl with really orange eyes.

2. Drag your subject image on top of the texture holding the shift key to align them perfectly.
You now have two layers. Subject on top and texture on bottom.

3. With the subject layer active, go to top toolbar and click on Edit and choose “Define Pattern”.
A dialog box comes up. I suggest naming your pattern to make it easier to find later. Click OK.

4. With the top subject layer still active (highlighted), you’re now going to remove the color.
On the top toolbar, click Enhance, choose Adjust Color and then Remove Color. Your subject
should now be black and white. (If it’s not, you probably mistakenly chose Remove color cast)

5. Now you need to change the blend mode. They are in a drop down list at the top of the
Layers Palette. Choose Overlay. (Others work too but for simplicity’s sake, I chose this one).

6. Your image should now look interesting but you probably can’t make out your subject, right?
Time for the Pattern Stamp. It has the original image in memory for you to paint back.

7. First, though, click on the “new layer” icon at the bottom (or top for previous versions) of the
layers palette to create a new layer. Change the blend mode of this new layer to Overlay.
You are going to use this blank layer to paint on with the Pattern Stamp Tool.

8. From the Tools Palette, choose the Pattern Stamp Tool. Can’t find it? Click and hold the Clone
Stamp. You’ll find it hiding under it. Click on it to select.

7. Next…Look at the options bar at the top and click on the box next to Opacity and choose a
pattern. The pattern you defined should be the last one in the box. Click on it.

8. Still on the options bar, lower the opacity of the Pattern Stamp Brush to 50 percent.
Also choose a brush size appropriate to the areas of your subject you want to paint back.

9. Make sure you’re on the blank layer by clicking on it. Next, using your Pattern Stamp, start
painting in areas of your image that you want to show up more clearly. Each time you paint, you
increase the amount so it’s good to start with a lower opacity. I painted in the area of the eyes.

That’s it. Add text if you like or another image if you’re adventurous! My text?: In order to apply
some effects, I first “simplified” the text (right click it and choose “simplify”). This is the same as
“rasterizing”. I then applied a gradient map and used the Smudge tool to drag down the letters.

By the way, the Pattern Stamp Tool is great for creating paintings from your images so if you love
this stuff, just Google “Pattern Stamp Tool video” for excellent tutorials. Fun but addictive stuff 🙂

are you losing your memory?

For the past year and a half, I’ve been putting up with extreme slow downs in Photoshop.
(you thought I was going talk about aging, didn’t you 🙂 ) Because I haven’t had much time
for photography, I’ve put up with it but when I started having to restart Photoshop after
only one simple task, I finally took the time to figure it out. Not that I hadn’t tried a million
things already…including buying more memory…but this time I googled until I found an
answer. Long story short…FONTS!

How can you have a proper Halloween, for instance, without these?!

Yes…I admit it. I’m a nut for fun fonts. I have animals, flowers, holiday themes, etc.
I have hundreds, I’m sure! Well, a single font or maybe more had become corrupted.
The simple solution (for me anyway) was to turn off font preview in Photoshop.
Problem solved! My memory is running at 100%. I then turned font preview back on
but chose “small” preview and so far so good.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could do something equally simple to get ours back? 🙂