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desert pixels

Yesterday, I worked on a recent desert landscape and came up with three renditions.

HDR – three exposures blended using Photomatix
HDR desert scene

Black and White – I used Photoshop’s B/W adjustment layer and Topaz Ajust for contrast
black and white desert scene

High Key (sort of) – I used various Topaz filters on this one

High Key Desert scene

Also…a correction to what I said yesterday regarding our rain storms. The worst is yet to come! It’s starting tomorrow afternoon and continuing through Friday. I always get Tu and Thu mixed up 🙂

on the road again

From my archives today with a little help from Photomatix using the single image option. This was my favorite image from our last trip to New Mexico. The woman is Leona of Leona’s Restaurante which is located a few steps from the famous El Santuario de Chimayo. Her wonderful food and location has made her known around the world! We’re not going in that direction on this trip but I always think of her when I think of New Mexico.

vine ripe

vine ripe
Every time I buy tomatoes that are still on the vine, I tell myself to photograph them as soon as I get home. That hasn’t happened yet but this morning I got one at least! I used Photomatix to process a single image (cool) and then applied a fun filter called Fractalius. Both these programs accentuate any lines or textures. Below is the original file.