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patterns in nature

Stop! Did you see that?! The answer from the drivers seat was no. What caught my eye was the amazing green and other colors in the rock so we backed up to get a closer look.. The time of day wasn’t ideal, the snow was too deep and there was fence keeping us from getting really close but I documented it anyway with plans to go back in October.

patterns in nature

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patterns in nature

Oooo…can’t wait to see that again!


I had a visit this morning from fellow Preserve Steward, Alice Dimetra. She had come hoping to find
some Prickly Pear fruit to use in her presentations but we didn’t have much luck. I lucked out, though!
I always learn something from Alice and this morning was no exception. She had read my post this
morning and thanks to her, I now know about the pattern in the rock. It’s called Dendrite.
Click here to learn about it.

She also brought me some of her homemade desert treats! Prickly pear marmalade and jelly and two kinds
of Mesquite cookies. Yum! All were tucked in a little Bear Grass basket. Loved it. Thanks again, Alice 🙂


Alice has a wealth of knowledge regarding the food and medicine that come from the plants and trees in the desert.
Be sure to check the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy hike schedule for her Ethnobotany and Medicine plants walks!
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