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diamondback visit

Sixteen years and this is the first time we’ve had a rattlesnake at the front door. Cloe saw it first and I cringed because she had just been brought in from the enclosure a half hour earlier!
rattlesnake on the porch

I used a long tree stake to “encourage” him to leave. He was NOT happy!

I was able to inch him away from the enclosure but he wouldn’t leave. He just got more angry.

He finally left but is now under a Lantana I pass by every morning 🙁

feline friday

It’s time for another adventure with Cleo and Cloe. This time: The Drinking Fountain.
These fountains are great but it didn’t last long. Cloe was determined to figure out where the
water was coming from which lead to turning it over several times a week. She’s a clever one.

Since not everyone likes cats, I’m also including a photo from yesterday. Native barrel cactus are
blooming so keep your eye out this next week for colors ranging from pale yellow to bright orange/red.
Tech info: Hand held, Canon 180mm Macro lens, ISO 400, f/6.7, 1/350th, +.5 exp comp.


And now without further ado….Here’s Cleo and Cloe 🙂