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fall in january

Don’t forget the dead stuff! These dried leaves were a rusty red color and with the sun behind them, they glowed. The color in the background is from an Arizona Ash tree with a few yellow leaves left. The blue is the sky.
dired leaves

What makes this photo is the use of what’s called “shallow depth of field”. It means I used a large aperture (or small number). Compact cameras have a difficult time getting this kind of depth of field because their small sensors don’t have as much of a range of f/stops. So even though you have f2.8, it’s still much sharper than on an SLR. There are tricks to help, though. For instance, stand far away from your subject and then zoom in using f/2.8 and you might get lucky.

Click here for a link to an excellent video about Depth of Field.

raining aspen leaves

Today’s image was taken in early October, 2003 in Utah. That was an excellent year for color!
While driving down a road in a rented Subaru, it started raining aspen leaves. I put a few under
the wiper blades for a fun shot. There probably won’t be this much color at the Grand Canyon.


Captured with a Canon 10D and a 15mm lens. ISO 200, f/6.7 at 1/125th sec

I added a section of this image as a banner on this blog. The other two images are from Sedona.

West Fork color

This image was taken last weekend at the West Fork Trail in Sedona. We’re going back today to check out the color before it is gone. I’m only going to shoot abstracts this time using either a very slow shutter speed with one of my zoom lenses or using my Lensbaby. This is my favorite kind of shooting since it requires no tripod but it’s also a hit or miss process. Hope I have something to show tomorrow 🙂