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Wildflowers at 11290 feet

our recent Colorado road trip, we went to a couple of new places above 11,000 feet. Lucky for us, there were lots of wildflowers! This scene is high above Yankee Boy Basin. The pink flowers are Wild Onions (Allium geyeri); the reddish (upper left) is King’s Crown (Rhodiola integrifolia); you probably recognize the Dandelion and then the other yellow flowers are Cinquefoil but I couldn’t figure out the exact species.

  1. Carol Davis #

    OMG! Don’t you just absolutely love Colorado flowers? I do. I went every year for about 5 years to the wildflower festival in Crested Butte (the wild flower captial of CO) . Gorgeous photo.I love the contrast of Colorado flowers with southwest desert flowers.

    August 3, 2011
    • Thanks Carol! Yes…I was crazy over the flowers. Now we can’t wait to check the area out for fall color.

      August 4, 2011

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