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Posts tagged ‘hiking’

Rock Knob

Rock Knob with Teddy Bear Cholla in the foreground captured during a hike this morning.

DroidX photo

Desert Tortoise 2

Another HDR shot of the Desert Tortoise I encountered on Tom’s Thumb Trail last Sunday. He was moving during this exposure sequence so it was difficult to merge the exposures perfectly. This resulted in lots of ghosting but after tedious cloning and fringe removal and reducing color saturation, I did it. What a face 🙂

butterfly meetup

We went back to Payson and the Colonel Devin Trail yesterday but the winds were even stronger than last week so I didn’t come home with many photos. A great hike, though, and I did manage to get a photo for today. These Spring Azures are getting moisture from the ground. Think about the size of those grains of sand and you get an idea of how small these butterflies are!