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I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been part of the Flora and Reptile Surveys going on in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Well…now the Bird survey and the Small Mammal Survey have started and soon a Large Mammal (involves setting up cameras) and Insect Survey will start. I want to help with them all!!! which is why I’ve been a little lapse in posting here. Today I’m posting a photo from our first Small Mammal Survey which resulted in catching a few species of mice. The one posted here is a Desert Pocket Mouse. They were so darned cute 🙂
CLICK HERE for more photos.

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  1. The pocket mouse is charming. Cute little smile. Intelligent-looking face. Looks like a cartoon mouse! Looks like the kind of mouse one could hang out with and have a good time. Abby wants one! (Abby who, by the way, LOVES being on a leash! Piece o’ cake. Who would have thought?) –Carol Leigh

    November 20, 2011

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