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Snow Day!

Taken from my office window early this morning. When we get snow, photographers run for the desert just North of Phoenix to get photos of snow on cactus 🙂

Citizen Scientist

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been part of the Flora and Reptile Surveys going on in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Well…now the Bird survey and the Small Mammal Survey have started and soon a Large Mammal (involves setting up cameras) and Insect Survey will start. I want to help with them all!!! which is why I’ve been a little lapse in posting here. Today I’m posting a photo from our first Small Mammal Survey which resulted in catching a few species of mice. The one posted here is a Desert Pocket Mouse. They were so darned cute 🙂
CLICK HERE for more photos.

Toms Thumb Trail Hike

First Conservancy hike of the season in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Our destination was East End Junction but the weather was so fabulous, we continued on to Tom’s Thumb. Elevation gain: 800ft in about 2 miles. In other words…steep!

Greasewood Flat Scene

I added a layer of texture to this scene shot in infrared at Greasewood Flat.

Looking for Shadows

Looking for Shadows is the latest at home photo challenge I posted to my Digital Meetup Group. So many in our group leave for the summer right about now so these challenges are a way for them to stay in contact and share photos while they’re gone. Gotta love Meetup! Here’s one of my first finds. Actually….I notice these shadows at least once at month when I attend our digital club meetings but have never taken the time to capture them until yesterday. Pretty cool!

Reata Pass

Reata Pass is only a couple of miles from my house so I run up there whenever I’m in need of a photo of the day. My hope is that this section along Alma School won’t suffer the same fate as the Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse where the majority of old buildings are. That area has been slated for development 🙁

DroidX capture


After the 4th fire engine went by our neighborhood, I looked out the window and got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I saw the smoke on top of the mountains. I jumped in the car and just 4 miles away I got there in time to see them dropping slurry and water on the ridge that includes Toms Thumb (scroll down for video link). Because of the expertise of our firefighters, the fire was contained to just 200 acres. Whew! The probably cause was electrical sparks from construction on a house at the base of the mountain. Wildfire is a constant threat in the summer and with two thirds of Scottsdale being either Preserve or natural area open space (NOAS), these fires can be a real threat to homes. The last fire that came dangerously close to the neighborhoods up here was in 1995, the year we moved here. That fire destroyed thousands of acres of pristine desert. A real heartbreak. VIDEO:

Video captured with Canon SX1 IS