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desert pixels

Yesterday, I worked on a recent desert landscape and came up with three renditions.

HDR – three exposures blended using Photomatix
HDR desert scene

Black and White – I used Photoshop’s B/W adjustment layer and Topaz Ajust for contrast
black and white desert scene

High Key (sort of) – I used various Topaz filters on this one

High Key Desert scene

Also…a correction to what I said yesterday regarding our rain storms. The worst is yet to come! It’s starting tomorrow afternoon and continuing through Friday. I always get Tu and Thu mixed up 🙂

no flash no tripod allowed

We went to Flagstaff yesterday first going to the Arboretum and then because we figured we had
plenty of time, we checked out the Museum of Northern Arizona. As it turned out, we lucked into
being there on the last day of an exhibit of a mystery Sickle-Claw Dinosaur called Therizinosaur.

Tripods and flash are not allowed in the Museum so I decided to experiment with high ISO. Always impressive!
Even at ISO 2500, noise was more than acceptable. We only had a few minutes with the Therizinosaur but
the exhibit is moving to Mesa’s Arizona Museum of Natural History so I hope to go for some detail shots.

Canon 5KMK2, Canon 24-70mm at 24mm, ISO 2500, f/6.7/, 1/180th sec

Canon 5KMK2, Canon 24-70mm at 24mm, ISO 1600, f/6.7/, 1/60th sec

Canon 5KMK2, Canon 24-70mm at 24mm, ISO 500, f/8/, 1/4th sec

Canon 5KMK2, Canon 24-70mm at 24mm, ISO 2000, f/6.7/, 1/20th sec

NOTE: All images were shot in the RAW format which allowed for recovery of highlight and shadows.
I also used Topaz Adjust to increase contrast.