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Photokina 2008

If you don’t know what Photokina is: It happens every two years and usually introduces the latest and greatest products in the digital world. Tech writer/photographer, Michael Guncheon is covering the event for Outdoor Photography, PCphoto and Digital Photo Pro this year. Check out videos and commentary of amazing new products on OP’s website: Photokina 2008

lightroom 2

I told myself I wouldn’t but after watching the video tutorials on the NAPP website, I upgraded to Lightroom 2 yesterday. One word….WOW! The first thing I fell in love with is being able to use both my monitors which means I have the light table open on one monitor while having a huge preview on the other (as shown above).

There are so many more really cool features that I haven’t tried yet. If they work, I’ll be using Lightroom for much more than just archiving now. By the way, I’m guessing that the new Bridge will probably have some of these new features too.