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When Prickly Pear cactus become severely dehydrated, they often take on colors like yellow, red and purple. I shot this one at the very end of our hike yesterday. I need to go back with my macro lens and work this!
dehydrated prickly pear cactus

Also…a repeat of yesterday’s photo. With no sun, it wasn’t a great exposure to begin with. I did a quick Photomatix HDR which I didn’t particularly care for it so I worked on a single image this time turning it B/W with a hint of color. Much better, I think.
fallen saguaro cactus

desert pixels

Yesterday, I worked on a recent desert landscape and came up with three renditions.

HDR – three exposures blended using Photomatix
HDR desert scene

Black and White – I used Photoshop’s B/W adjustment layer and Topaz Ajust for contrast
black and white desert scene

High Key (sort of) – I used various Topaz filters on this one

High Key Desert scene

Also…a correction to what I said yesterday regarding our rain storms. The worst is yet to come! It’s starting tomorrow afternoon and continuing through Friday. I always get Tu and Thu mixed up 🙂

shoot today for it may be gone tomorrow

While in my 2003 Arches folder yesterday, I found images of a tree that was no longer standing by Balanced Rock when we visited last year. It proves the point that we need to shoot it when we see it! I would have loved another chance to shoot the tree in sweet light but at least I was able to document it.

Balanced Rock Tree – converted to B/W using Photoshop’s B/W adjustment layer.
Arches National Park Tree

Tech info: 15mm lens on a Canon 10D.

long lens drama

A couple of days ago, I saw this cloud with saguaros on the horizon and I knew that
shooting with a long lens would make it an even more dramatic scene. I should have
taken the time to get my SLR and big lens but I’m a grab shot photographer, as you
know, so I reached for my SX10 and zoomed waaay in.

I then converted the image to black and white for even more drama.


Canon SX10, ISO 100, 1/30th sec, minimum aperture