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rainy day fun

A couple of fun hours of shooting in Arches before the rain started. Afternoon in the RV enjoying
the sound of the rain and editing images. (With this connection, though, I’ll share later.)
Cloe (no H) had fun trying to figure out where the water was coming from and trying to catch it 🙂



(captured with Lensbaby)

what do bobcats eat

Cloe and I had just walked out the front door when she turned around and started walking
slowly back. Then her hair began standing on end. She was staring intently at something but
I didn’t see anything. By the time I did, we were less than 15 feet way! I grabbed Cloe and
moved quickly to the front door. With Cloe in one hand and a camera in the other, I opened the
door, put her inside and simultaneously turned around and took a few shots one handed.
Scary experience but only because I was worried about Cloe. Otherwise, I felt lucky to see it!

After many, many butts, I finally get a frontal shot of a Bobcat 🙂


Here’s a closer look at his/her beautiful face.


So….What Do Bobcat’s Eat? According to Wiki Answers, 2 percent of their diet is “other” mammals.
Sadly, I think cats and dogs fall into that category 🙁

feline friday

It’s time for another adventure with Cleo and Cloe. This time: The Drinking Fountain.
These fountains are great but it didn’t last long. Cloe was determined to figure out where the
water was coming from which lead to turning it over several times a week. She’s a clever one.

Since not everyone likes cats, I’m also including a photo from yesterday. Native barrel cactus are
blooming so keep your eye out this next week for colors ranging from pale yellow to bright orange/red.
Tech info: Hand held, Canon 180mm Macro lens, ISO 400, f/6.7, 1/350th, +.5 exp comp.


And now without further ado….Here’s Cleo and Cloe 🙂