desert pixels

Yesterday, I worked on a recent desert landscape and came up with three renditions.

HDR – three exposures blended using Photomatix
HDR desert scene

Black and White – I used Photoshop’s B/W adjustment layer and Topaz Ajust for contrast
black and white desert scene

High Key (sort of) – I used various Topaz filters on this one

High Key Desert scene

Also…a correction to what I said yesterday regarding our rain storms. The worst is yet to come! It’s starting tomorrow afternoon and continuing through Friday. I always get Tu and Thu mixed up 🙂

4 thoughts on “desert pixels”

  1. I like the B/W but I think my fav is the HDR (even though I still have no clue what that means). We are getting the same storm. Hang on!!!

  2. I’m partial to the black and white AND the high-key images, leaning more toward the high-key for some reason. The monochromatic-ish/washed-out look (and I mean “washed-out” in a good way) lend themselves to the starkness of the desert and the glare of the sun. What I’m trying to say is that the treatment of the photograph is consistent with the harshness of the environment. This same treatment applied to similar subject matter/compositions would make a good book! (Yeah, like we need yet ANOTHER project in our lives!) — Carol Leigh

  3. Thanks Carols! I’m particularly fond of the high key too so I appreciated your comments Carol L. The first result was a happy accident and I liked it so much that I spent most of yesterday doing it to all my desert images! 🙂

    As for HDR…I find it difficult to get consistent good results but when it works, it’s awesome.

  4. Well, it figures that I would like the opposite of the two experts!! (and you both ARE experts in my opinion) LOL

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