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I’m not feeling well this morning so here’s a photo of a wild geranium taken last summer in Flagstaff. At least I think it’s a geranium. I usually write down the name but forgot. (Flower with 4 textures and color tinting.)

Anemone Tuberosa

Went on a hike in Cave Creek with the Desert Foothill Lands Trust people on Saturday. It was an extra treat because Steve Jones (MSC’s favorite botanist) was along! He identified this sprouting plant as being Anemone Tuberosa aka Desert Anemene. It’s difficult to find in full bloom because they close early in the morning but I’ve been lucky the last couple of years.



A plant coming up in your yard (or anywhere) is often called a “volunteer”. This one is a beauty (to me anyway) with tiny 1/4 inch translucent cream colored flowers that appear along the stems at every leaf location. I put down topsoil during my landscaping project and hoped I would have some interesting plants pop up so I was happy to see it. I have no idea what it is but as soon as I find out, I will edit this post.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, it’s Russian Thistle. See comment below.

Geranium Drinking Fountain

Beetle finds a drink in a Richardson’s Geranium. Shot with Canon SX1 IS.

Fendlers Sandwort

Fendler’s Sandwort is so tiny that my photographer companion Dave and I thought the pink you see were spots on the petals. It wasn’t until I moved in very close that I discovered the pink was actually pollen. Cool! It was captured with a Canon 70-200 (non IS) with 25mm extension tube at 72mm. (Handheld of course 🙂 ) ISO 200, 1/100the sec at f/7.1. I continue to be very impressed with this lens!


An unidentified Blue on Sneezeweed with a bit of artistic interpretation.