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Posts tagged ‘Flora’

Starry False Solomon’s Seal

This gorgeous forest floor plant reminded me of Lily of the Valley which is also called Solomon’s Seal. That family is Polgonatum and is considered a valuable medicinal plant. I don’t know if the species I found…Starry False Solomon’s Seal (Maianthemum stellatum) is also considered medicinal but maybe not since the word “false” is in the title. Either way…it was fun researching this one. I’m still trying to find out why it’s called “Solomon”, though.

Sedona Flora

A quick shot of a plant near our campground. I think it might be Ground Cherry but I sent a request for ID to my botanist friend Steve for confirmation. Whatever it is, I always try to get a better shot of it than I did last time. I like the dead grasses in the background. Update from Steve…it’s not Ground Cherry. It’s probaby a Nightshade which is poisonous. Still a fun photo op 🙂

high elevation flowers

Living in Arizona, we have the luxury of being in a different climate in just an hour or two so it’s very easy to escape the heat. Payson is at about 5000 feet and is only one and a half hours away. With a little hiking, you’re up over 6500 feet. Besides enjoying the cool air, Flora and Fauna are different at elevation so it’s a real treat. Today’s post is of three higher elevation flowers. 1. Yellow Salsify 2. Deer’s Ears aka Elkweed and 3. Pussytoes. There were many other flowers but I was focused on Butterflies that day.