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Deers Ears

There are several common names for this very cool plant……Green Gentian, Elkweed, Deers Ears and Monument Plant. It typically grows in open pine forests and aspen-conifer forests at elevations over 5000 feet. It can reach 8 feet in height but if there are Deer or Elk in the area, you’re not likely to see them that tall because they are a favorite food. Thankfully, they usually leave some of the gorgeous flowers for us to enjoy 🙂



Bee on Monument Plant FlowerMonument Plant, Elkweed or Deer’s Ears….whatever you call it….it is definitely one of the most interesting flowers I’ve ever seen! Since I’ve posted photos of this flower before, I decided to give this a Topaz filter treatment. Canon 24-105mm @73mm. ISO 400, 1/400 sec At f/5.

high elevation flowers

Living in Arizona, we have the luxury of being in a different climate in just an hour or two so it’s very easy to escape the heat. Payson is at about 5000 feet and is only one and a half hours away. With a little hiking, you’re up over 6500 feet. Besides enjoying the cool air, Flora and Fauna are different at elevation so it’s a real treat. Today’s post is of three higher elevation flowers. 1. Yellow Salsify 2. Deer’s Ears aka Elkweed and 3. Pussytoes. There were many other flowers but I was focused on Butterflies that day.