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Posts from the ‘Pareidolia’ Category

Visiting Frankenstone

Sunday’s hike took us past many of my favorite boulder faces including Frankenstone.
CLICK HERE to see more of my boulder faces.

Heart Collection

Another addition to my Prickly Pear heart collection.

Teddy Bear Cholla

Could this explain how this cactus got its name? 🙂


Another Tortoise rock face greets us up near Toms Thumb. It was a flat image so I applied a little color/contrast punch using Topaz filters.

Cholla Elk

Another Cholla creature 🙂

They Came From….

During a recent hike with a friend on a dark, overcast day, we rounded a corner and saw this scene. My friend saw dead Cholla while I saw creatures from Outer Space 🙂

Rock Knob Tortoise

My willing climber gives perspective to the Rock Knob Tortoise (on right) and a Giant Head (left).


Chris and Pac-Man. Don’t know or forgot who Pac-Man was? CLICK HERE