diamondback visit

Sixteen years and this is the first time we’ve had a rattlesnake at the front door. Cloe saw it first and I cringed because she had just been brought in from the enclosure a half hour earlier!
rattlesnake on the porch

I used a long tree stake to “encourage” him to leave. He was NOT happy!

I was able to inch him away from the enclosure but he wouldn’t leave. He just got more angry.

He finally left but is now under a Lantana I pass by every morning 🙁

6 thoughts on “diamondback visit”

  1. Gasp! To see that snake LEAVING the enclosure? Major adrenaline rush. Very cool, however, to have the cat reflected (safely) in the window. Story is being told . . . Carol Leigh

  2. Thanks, Carol! Yes…I’m always thinking “whole picture” so I took several photos of them looking out at the snake but the reflection was my favorite.

  3. Yikes! Scary stuff for you two and the cats. Is there a rattlesnake relocation group in town 🙂 Are you worried about baby rattlers coming along if they decide to stay there?

  4. Hi Judy, Your comment struck my funny bone because I visualize the rattlesnake asking the same question about us 🙂 The reality is that they and many other snakes are all around us but in all the years we’ve lived here, they’ve always stayed away from the house. My guess is he got misdirected by a wall that separates the desert from the front walk. Cloe is back out in the enclosure today but I check on her every 15 minutes! Since my office is upstairs, I’m getting lots of exercise 🙂

  5. I am SO glad I live in an old subdivision that is in the middle of town. No rattlers around here!

  6. Wow! Reminds me of my mis-spent youth Did I ever tell you of my early Sunday in I think March in what is now probably suburban Scottsdale harvesting rattlers for ASU Prof who was making anti-venom? If not, will subsequently bore you with the tale (not to mention rattler tail!) Love from us, P

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