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an endless playground

For me, the highlight of our most recent Joshua Tree National Park visit was an adventurous hike through one of the many, many canyons there. It’s no big deal for a bouldering guy like Chris but it was a little challenging for me. Probably a little dangerous too since I was carrying a camera or two but hey…..I wanted proof showing I actually did it! I apologize for the shakiness but it’s tough shooting while climbing one handed 🙂
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canyon hike joshua tree
Hiking aCanyon at Joshua Tree National Park (click link for video)


joshua tree stars to infinity and beyond!

Is that noise or are they stars? This came up during our trip to Joshua Tree this week. One of my photo companions handed me his powerful binoculars and directed me toward the Milky Way. I could hardly believe it! There were many more stars than we could see with our naked eye. So what I had assumed was noise in my images turns out to be mostly stars! Grab some binoculars and check it out for yourself.

Here’s one of the last night images I took this week. Is there noise?…sure…but stars rule 🙂  (Click Here for info on Camping)

Starry, starry night at Joshua Tree
stars and joshua tree

joshua tree before and after dark

Joshua Tree National Park is perfect for infrared so my converted 5D got a workout this week. Today’s image has a glow courtesy of Lightroom’s Clarity slider. Blue skies come from Lightroom’s HSL sliders and Photoshop’s Hue/Saturation. (Nik or Topaz might have been faster but they tend to add too much noise).

infrared joshua tree

Capturing stars is a challenge! The most challenging for me is staying up late 🙂   (Click Here for info on Camping)

joshua trees and stars