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Watchman Textured

This week, The Digital Photography School posted a helpful tutorial on how to add textures to your images. CLICK HERE. Adding textures is really easy in either Photoshop or Photoshop Elements (I recommend version 9) and although it can be trial and error, it’s always fun.

It reminded me of an image from last October of the Watchman and Virgin River in Zion National Park. Because it was an extremely overcast day, a straight photo would have been disappointing so I visualized the scene with added textures and shot it with that purpose in mind. I’m really happy with the result!

Lower Pine Creek Falls Zion

Our friend Richard has been coming to Zion for years but had never seen the falls so we decided to re-visit before we left. No complaints from me especially since I regretted not capturing a side view of the falls. Didn’t get wet this time, thanks to Chris 🙂

Zion Maple Triptych

On our latest trip, I was determined to take time to really work a subject when I found a pleasing one. With these wonderful leaves, I got close, closer and super close. Because I was using a fixed focal lens (Canon 180 Macro), I used my feet to change position. Shooting in the shade resulted in very saturated color so all I did was add slight contrast and sharpening.

Watchman and Virgin River

The weather did not cooperate for my shot of the Watchman at Zion National Park so I shot in HDR once again. I might not have the sunset shot everyone strives for but I really like how this turned out!

Lower Pine Creek Falls

Lower Pine Creek Falls in Zion National Park. Another challenging (got wet) but extremely worthwhile hike. No sun so I shot in HDR which worked really well to brighten everything up. Please overlook the over-sharpening. (Note Chris at top right).

Entering Zion

It’s still raining. A challenge but I’m up for it 🙂
DroidX image through windshield.