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Rain, Rain, Come Today!

This fantastic sky welcomed us at the beginning our hike this morning. We did get rain but we were thankful it held off until we were finished. I was ecstatic when it started because our wildflowers depend on rain in Oct, Nov and December so combined with the good soaking we got last month, maybe we’ll have a good show in the Spring!

Watchman Campground

A break in the rain presents a photo opportunity.
Canon SX1 IS converted to B/W with Topaz Detail.

Entering Zion

It’s still raining. A challenge but I’m up for it 🙂
DroidX image through windshield.

Pump House Wash

It was overcast with misting rain when we hiked a portion of Pump House Wash just north of Sedona. My best fall images have the same conditions in common so I consider them ideal for capturing fall color. Having to protect your gear is the trade-off but well worth it.

Storm Cell

The mountain where I live (center) is completely hidden by a late afternoon storm cell. By the time I got up there, the rain had stopped and the temperature had dropped almost 10 degrees. Nice! We escaped damage but there were downed power lines and flooding in other areas.

Droid X image

Monsoon Sunrise

Another favorite monsoon image from 2008. I had just started a morning walk when I saw this sky. I almost didn’t try to shoot it because it was still fairly dark and all I had with me was my little compact. It was so beautiful, though, that I wanted a memory so I set the camera’s shooting mode to “continuous”, held my breath and then held the shutter down for a few seconds hoping at least one image would be fairly sharp. No…it’s not SLR quality but it actually made a very nice print. Moral? Never underestimate the capability of a compact camera!


Lots of lightning last night continuing this morning which means the Monsoon is finally here. The first thing you learn when you move here is that the Monsoon doesn’t always produce rain. It does give us some welcomed humidity, though. Our desert plants have adapted to take in the moisture from the humid air so my yard is really happy. I’m also happy because humidity plumps up my skin a little filling in my increasing lines nicely 🙂

Is it hot here? Sure but with humidity of just 33 percent today, we don’t have the oppressive heat that other parts of the country are experiencing! Today’s photo is from two years ago as seen from my office window.