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Posts tagged ‘tree’

Halloween Creation

A dead tree, two owls and some texture combined to make a Halloween inspired image.

Tree Fungus

A hiker stopped as I was photographing this Fungus on the Viet Springs Trail this morning and he asked if I knew what kind it was. I replied I had no clue! I did a little research and came to realize I will have to continue to call them just Fungus 🙂

Dust Storm Sunset

I remembered yesterday that I did get one shot of our monster dust storm! The sun actually managed to get through the dust lighting up this tree. Eerie! Dust was still blowing hard so I took the photo from the safety of the garage. I knew the scene probably wouldn’t last long so I didn’t take the time to get my tripod. I set my ISO to 800 and fired off a few shots. This had the most in focus. Canon 7D with 24-70mm lens. 1/50th sec at f/5.

Desert Willow

Desert Willow (Chilopsis linearis) is an Arizona native tree. It’s deciduous which means many don’t like it in their yard because it’s so messy but I think its gorgeous Orchid-like blooms are worth the trade-off!. These were captured at the Desert Botanical garden.

Sunset Raindrop

We had a wonderful and very welcome rain yesterday. This raindrop against a cloud as the sun was setting was my favorite shot of the day.


I’m late with my photo this morning because I forgot I was leading a couple of friends out to the Marcus Landslide. Thank goodness they sent me a note to let me know they were leaving their house or I would have been sitting at my computer in my PJs when they came 🙂 (Fire devastated most trees in the Landslide area leaving these skeletons. I captured this one using my infrared converted Canon 5D. The color is result of a custom white balance.)

Shaken and Stirred

We went to Luminaria at the Desert Botanical Garden a couple of nights ago. Gotta hear the bell ringers to officially get into the holiday spirit! I had a little fun with their tree by shaking and stirring my camera while taking the photos. You can probably guess which way I was moving my camera by the shape and direction of the streaks. Fun stuff 🙂

Tree and Marcus Landslide

This composite contains 6 images with one dating back 10 years. The base is a DroidX black and white shot of a dead tree captured last week in front of the Marcus Landslide. I then added the following images: a Flagstone tile from my patio, a field of dried flowers, a field of grasses, a rusty car door and a silhouette of a raven. (The other bird is a PS brush). Lots of blending, several color and tonal adjustments, a couple of filters applied and voila! You either love or hate this stuff. I obviously love it 🙂