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Posts tagged ‘textures’

Glochid Monster

Here’s a shot of the Prickly Pear Cactus that GOT me with its Glochids on Jan 16 as I was shooting sunrise. I was squatted down just to the right of it in order to be low enough to capture the cholla skeleton against the sky.

DroidX photo grunged up with a couple of textures.


Fleabane (a member of the Aster family) got its name from a reputation of killing or driving away fleas. That’s good to know but the plant is few and far between so since I haven’t seen a flea in almost 17 years, there must be something else here in Arizona they don’t like! (Blended with a couple of textures.)


Four graveyard images and a few textures.

Colorado Road Trip

My Droidx captures the road through the RV windshield. To create this montage, I added a section of map showing our route and a couple of textures.

More Last Dollar Road

DroidX capture of Last Dollar Road with a little texture added.