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Posts tagged ‘sign’

Greasewood Flat

I’m lucky to have a lot of interesting photo ops within a few miles. Greasewood Flat is one of my favorites. There’s lots of old rusty stuff to shoot and they love visitors. Great hamburgers too! Be sure to add a slice of prickly pear cactus if you order one.

Take a Hike

Hiking season with the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy is in full swing so come out and join us! There are fitness hikes and educational hikes…..generally one of each on the weekends. This morning, we learned about Holes, Tracks and Scat in the Desert from leader Len Marciz. Excellent! (Droidx image)

Farmers Market

Just a mile from home, I spot a sign for a Farmer’s Market going on at Reata Pass yesterday. I was disappointed in the market but I loved their entrance sign.

DroidX image.