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Posts tagged ‘oak creek’

River Eggs

Roots hanging over the bank of Oak Creek – Topaz enhanced. These river rocks looked like eggs hidden among the roots. Probably not chocolate 🙂


Oak Creek Reflections

The reflected colors are from the sky, red rocks and Sycamore trees.

Oak Creek Collage

We spent the last two days of our road trip in Sedona camped along Oak Creek.

Cool Thoughts

When it gets really hot, reviewing my archived water images leads to cool and refreshing thoughts of upcoming trips to places with streams and waterfalls…ahhhh. Mind over matter, right?! This image of a Mallard breaking up fall color reflections was taken last October on the West Fork Trail. One shot and the duck flew away. At first I almost deleted the image because it was kind of in between abstract and sharp but the more I look at it, the more I like it.

Oak Creek Reflection

I have two favorite ways of capturing fall color. One is to shake my camera at it and the other is to shoot reflections of it. Both can be a hit or miss process but sometimes you get some really interesting results and it’s such fun! This reflection was in Oak Creek which runs along most of the West Fork Trail in Sedona.