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Posts tagged ‘mountains’

Cabin for Rent

This fabulous cabin, called the Gold King Retreat, can be yours for just $15,000 per week in the winter and a bargain price of $9100 per week in the summer. It’s located at 11,300 feet in sight of Gold King Basin with views that take your breath away! I’ll post some photos of the area in the next couple of days.

Gold King Retreat in Infrared

Retro Sunflowers and Mailboxes

STOP! Back up! That’s what I yelled at Chris when I saw these mailboxes. I could have spent all morning shooting this scene but there were 3 very unfriendly dogs who became aggressive every time I got out of the car so my visions of multiple angle views didn’t happen. I need to work on becoming braver 🙂

I added a cloud image and 3 images of texture then blended the heck out them all to create the look of an old photo.

Desert Tortoise

desert tortoise on tom's thumb trailI hiked the north access trail to Tom’s Thumb yesterday with a goal of seeing what was blooming. I spotted several flowers (check tmorrow’s post) but I also came across this guy! There are lots of Desert Tortoise in the Preserve but they’re really good a hiding so this was a treat! The lighting was mixed so I used my Canon SX 1 to capture two exposures and combined them in Photomatix.

Storm Cell

The mountain where I live (center) is completely hidden by a late afternoon storm cell. By the time I got up there, the rain had stopped and the temperature had dropped almost 10 degrees. Nice! We escaped damage but there were downed power lines and flooding in other areas.

Droid X image