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Marcus Landslide Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving from the Marcus Landslide Turkey! He and many other wonderful rock faces are scattered around in the area of the Marcus Landslide. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, this area may open officially at this time next year. It’s fairly easy hiking and is especially lush with vegetation there so it’s bound to be popular with Photographers, Birders and Lepidopterists.

Sleeping Giants

The Marcus Landslide area of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve has wonderful rock faces. It’s also one of the most lush areas of the Preserve making it especially appealing to Photographers, Birders and Lepidopterists. Rumor has it that this area could be officially open this time next year. Yea!

Tree and Marcus Landslide

This composite contains 6 images with one dating back 10 years. The base is a DroidX black and white shot of a dead tree captured last week in front of the Marcus Landslide. I then added the following images: a Flagstone tile from my patio, a field of dried flowers, a field of grasses, a rusty car door and a silhouette of a raven. (The other bird is a PS brush). Lots of blending, several color and tonal adjustments, a couple of filters applied and voila! You either love or hate this stuff. I obviously love it 🙂