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Salt River

I have Larry Levy to thank for this gorgeous view! Yesterday, four of us bushwhacked our way across high desert going through several thick stands of brush and Mesquite trees and have the scars to show for it. Our ultimate goal was to try to find some ruins that had been spotted high on a cliff by river rafters but we gave up on that and instead ventured over to see where Coon Creek enters the Salt River. More photos tomorrow.

Saguaro Frame

This past Sunday, I assisted MSC Steward Dave Lorenz on his “Life of a Saguaro” hike. As we were leaving one of his lecture stops, I spotted a possible framing opportunity in these two giant Saguaro. Having a camera with an articulating screen (Canon SX1) allowed me to hold the camera at arms length and and yet still be able to line up the Saguaro in the distance. I then just waited for the hikers to go by and fired off several frames. Cool!

MSC Steward Dave Lorenz leading hikers on the Saguaro Loop.

Take a Hike

Hiking season with the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy is in full swing so come out and join us! There are fitness hikes and educational hikes…..generally one of each on the weekends. This morning, we learned about Holes, Tracks and Scat in the Desert from leader Len Marciz. Excellent! (Droidx image)

Balanced Rock

MSC hike to Balanced Rock, State Trust Land (now Preserve!)
An appropriate name…no? Personally…I think it looks like a giant molar 🙂 (captured Oct 2007 with Infrared converted Canon Powershot S3)