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Higher Elevation Butterflies

Back to the Colonel Devin Trail in Payson, Arizona yesterday with hopes the Butterfly Weed was finally in bloom. (It was late to bloom this year so we found very little on the last trip up). This time, we saw plenty and were rewarded with Western Tiger Swallowtails and Northwestern Fitillaries nectaring on it. My favorite photos from the hike are below. Read more

Rainy Day Hike

When the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy advertises a public hike, we need to show up no matter the weather. As it turned out, we only had Stewards show up. We could have gone home but every one of us was looking forward to enjoying the desert in the rain! (My trusty Canon SX1 did a good job of capturing the morning).

The Preserve at the Cave

Yesterday, I finally saw the cave that Cave Creek (both town and creek) were probably named after. It’s located on private land and is now protected and watched over by the Desert Foothills Land Trust. They lead a hike to the cave about four times a year and it’s worthwhile. The cave has been home to the Hohokam and the Apache tribes as well as early settlers. In 1873, the US Calvary fought an Apache tribe and then scratched their names inside the cave alongside the petroglyphs and pictographs. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of vandalism over the years 🙁