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Posts tagged ‘Greasewood Flat’

Greasewood Flat

I’m lucky to have a lot of interesting photo ops within a few miles. Greasewood Flat is one of my favorites. There’s lots of old rusty stuff to shoot and they love visitors. Great hamburgers too! Be sure to add a slice of prickly pear cactus if you order one.

Greasewood Flat Entrance

Another infrared shot from our meetup at Reata Pass a couple of weeks ago. Canon 5D IR converted. Canon 70-200mm @ 85mm.Sepia tone added.

Tow Truck

This tow truck on just one of Greasewood Flat’s wonderful collectibles. Shot in HDR.

Greasewood Flat Scene

I added a layer of texture to this scene shot in infrared at Greasewood Flat.

Greasewood Flat

An infrared HDR capture of the entrance to Greasewood Flat….a famous hangout for bikers (as well as families) and a really fun place to photograph! Although there is a lot of grease in their food (good, though!), the name doesn’t refer to that. Greasewood is a common name for the Creosote Shrub. (There’s another species of shrub nicknamed Greasewood but it doesn’t grow in our area.)