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Posts tagged ‘Gold King Basin’

Marsh Marigold

This is a section of Gold King Basin. The floor was covered with Marsh Marigold. It was one of many wildflower firsts for me on this trip so I was in heaven 🙂

Cabin for Rent

This fabulous cabin, called the Gold King Retreat, can be yours for just $15,000 per week in the winter and a bargain price of $9100 per week in the summer. It’s located at 11,300 feet in sight of Gold King Basin with views that take your breath away! I’ll post some photos of the area in the next couple of days.

Gold King Retreat in Infrared

Colorado Columbine

When photographing Wildflowers, you want to look for freshly opened specimens because they’re typically unblemished and full of pollen. We’ve seen very few Columbine this trip so when I saw this beauty at 11,300 feet, I risked life and limb (really!) by climbing down a steep slope. I wouldn’t have done it if Chris hadn’t been close by, of course 🙂