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Posts tagged ‘digital darkroom’

Shape Collage

I’m teaching a class in basic compositing next week. These days there are multiple softwares that make the process completely automatic but knowing how to create one from scratch can help you tweak the automatic ones and make them your own.

Pages from my Flora Guide gathered in a ball.

Photoshop Filters

The addition of software filters makes this Prickly Pear heart look extra prickly. (Combination of Topaz filters and Lightroom Presets)

Joshua Tree in IR

Joshua Tree National Park is another fantastic place for infrared photography. I swapped channels in this to bring out false color. Strange look for a strange landscape. (Click Here for info on Camping)

Captured with a IR converted Canon 5D and 17-40mm lens at 17mm.


My friend Howard Wood’s latest Blurb book inspired me to post one of my infrared shots this morning. I’ve been shooting infrared since the summer of 2003 and have been planning a book of my IR images since then. Howard said I inspired him to convert his first camera but he did more than just plan a book. He has produced FOUR Blurb books on IR since he started! His latest is stunning and rivals any infrared book I’ve seen. CLICK HERE to see this beautiful book on Blurb. Be sure to click to view full screen! (2005 image of McDowell Regional Park. Custom White Balance. Topaz added contrast.)

Sleeping Camel

Chris didn’t see it but to me it kind of looks like a Camel lying down with an ice pack on his head. (he’s facing to the right) A Camel with a hangover? Maybe? 🙂

Shot in HDR and a slight B/W treatment.

Seed Head

I shot this and many other images of Dandelion seed heads this past Spring with texture blending in mind. The process is very easy but success can be hit or miss depending on the type and color of texture you use on top of your image. This was one of the rare times when it worked perfectly. I love how it came together.

I applied 4 textures downloaded free from Image Abstraction and Flickr.


Four graveyard images and a few textures.

Out of Bounds

I’ve been playing with Elements 9 for a couple of weeks and WOW…has it ever improved! The addition of Layer Masks was the most significant change and a very welcome one for those who enjoy compositing. Each version of PSE has always had excellent help but this version has even more in the form of Guided Editing. This image is an example of being guided. The BEST part of the process is that you’re left with a layered document with which you can continue making changes. In other words, PSE now gives you as much control as you want.  CLICK HERE to see some fantastic examples of Out of Bounds images.