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Monsoon Clouds

I’ve captured very few monsoon clouds this summer because we’ve been gone so much but better late than never! Here’s one from night before last. I have several wonderful saguaros in my yard so I positioned myself under one. I got out a little too late but managed to catch a little last light.

Monsoon Clouds

I shot his from my office window before a recent storm. Although it looks dramatic, the photo doesn’t truly translate how spectacular the light through the clouds was!

Memorial Day 2011

A quick and simple montage of three images to represent this day.

What Wind Looks Like

I’m guessing the clouds this morning are an indication how windy it is way up high.

Cholla Sunrise

This spectacular sunrise lasted only a couple of minutes so by the time I got my camera and positioned myself, I only got two shots. Thankfully, one was in focus. In my rush to get into position below the cholla skeleton, I bumped into a particularly nasty Prickly Pear Cactus. Was it worth getting glocids in the side of my head? I got the shot so;..Yes 🙂

Captured in my backyard this morning.

Watchman and Virgin River

The weather did not cooperate for my shot of the Watchman at Zion National Park so I shot in HDR once again. I might not have the sunset shot everyone strives for but I really like how this turned out!

Retro Sunflowers and Mailboxes

STOP! Back up! That’s what I yelled at Chris when I saw these mailboxes. I could have spent all morning shooting this scene but there were 3 very unfriendly dogs who became aggressive every time I got out of the car so my visions of multiple angle views didn’t happen. I need to work on becoming braver 🙂

I added a cloud image and 3 images of texture then blended the heck out them all to create the look of an old photo.

Storm Cell

The mountain where I live (center) is completely hidden by a late afternoon storm cell. By the time I got up there, the rain had stopped and the temperature had dropped almost 10 degrees. Nice! We escaped damage but there were downed power lines and flooding in other areas.

Droid X image