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Posts tagged ‘butterfly’

Common Sootywing

I went searching for butterflies, skippers, etc, on Mingus Mountain near Jerome yesterday. Fabulous day but it was cloudy and windy so the species were few and far between. Here is one lucky shot for me since the tiny daisy was swaying back and forth. The one inch Sootywing was common to my fellow butterfly hunters but new to me (Common Sootywing). Of course, most of them are 🙂


Butterflies and Beetles

Yesterday was the last official day for the flora survey until after the hot weather. Although I did get some photos of flowers, my prize captures yesterday were a couple of butterflies and a gorgeous red beetle! At upper left is a Marine Blue Butterfly. Lower left is a Mormon Metalmark Butterfly. It took a lot of googling to ID the beetle but I finally found that it’s a Bloody Net-Winged Beetle. What a name!

Rackensack Canyon Butterflies

I went bird and butterfly watching in Rackensack Canyon with 3 friends yesterday. A 300mm lens wasn’t much use for bird photos but it was great for butterflies. It’s rare to see a Two-tailed Swallowtail sitting still so encountering this one was a real treat. It is Arizona’s state butterfly, by the way.

Mourning Cloak

I spotted this Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa) last week as I walked out my front door. When I see a butterfly with tattered wings like this, I know their days are probably numbered and I’m hoping they’ve laid eggs somewhere in my yard! Just wishful thinking, though, since this species prefers more riparian area trees. He was probably just resting.

American Snout

I was extremely excited to spot an American Snout on my own this morning! I first saw it flitting around a Desert Lavender (which are in bloom at the moment) but these butterflies are so small you don’t really notice the snout without binoculars or a zoom lens so I thought it was something else. Thanks to my friends at CAZBA for introducing me to this species 🙂

Buddha with Flowers

I captured this stone Buddha with the specific intention of creating a montage. That was in September, 2003! Better late than never….this montage is a combination of the stone mask, a butterfly, two shots of Verbena and 3 different textures. I did also apply a texture of cracks but thought it was too harsh. It took awhile but I’m happy with my interpretation!

Ceraunus Blue

The blade of grass gives you and idea of how tiny this Ceraunus Blue is! Captured with Canon 7D, Canon 300mm IS, ISO 400, 1/800th sec at f/4.


An unidentified Blue on Sneezeweed with a bit of artistic interpretation.