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Home Town Parade

I had to include a photo from today’s 4th of July parade down Route 66 in Williams! Lots of fun to photograph. Stormy skies threatened but the rain held off long enough for the parade to finish and everyone to get back to their cars.

Visiting Frankenstone

Sunday’s hike took us past many of my favorite boulder faces including Frankenstone.
CLICK HERE to see more of my boulder faces.

Climbers Trails

Climbers Trails are meant for climbers but are also open to experienced hikers. Sometimes you can see the trail, sometimes not! (Superstitions on the Horizon)

The Preserve at the Cave

Yesterday, I finally saw the cave that Cave Creek (both town and creek) were probably named after. It’s located on private land and is now protected and watched over by the Desert Foothills Land Trust. They lead a hike to the cave about four times a year and it’s worthwhile. The cave has been home to the Hohokam and the Apache tribes as well as early settlers. In 1873, the US Calvary fought an Apache tribe and then scratched their names inside the cave alongside the petroglyphs and pictographs. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of vandalism over the years 🙁

Boyce Thompson Wildflower Walk

I posted the wrong photo yesterday 🙂 I told you it was a long day! So here’s the photo that goes with yesterday’s text referencing a table set up for my greeting cards and flora guide. Note the lady in blue with a straw hat on the left. She kept up with the rest of the group while pushing a walker the whole way! I was very impressed and inspired especially since one area of the hike is quite a climb. She never slowed down.

Hedgehog on Sunrise Trail

I led a Wildflower/Photography hike yesterday morning on the Sunrise Trail. No wildflowers to speak of, unfortunately, but we did see two Hedgehogs in bloom which made everyone’s day! All along the trail, every Hedgehog we came across was loaded with buds so there is bound to be a spectacular show in the next week or so. (Captured with my trusty Canon SX1)


This is a great time of year to capture silhouettes at sunrise because you don’t have to get up very early. Then even if you’re not lucky enough to have a willing subject, you can always count on the Saguaros!


Lots of trail work needed to mitigate some deep ruts on the mountain bike course of the McDowell Sonoran Challenge. (The ruts were caused by motorbikes which are no longer allowed). The event is January 29, 2011 so time’s a wastin’ as they say!

MSC Stewards hard at work.