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Posts from the ‘Macro’ Category

Queen Caterpillar Followup

Sadly, I could not find the Queen caterpillar this morning. This is actually the second time I’ve tried to relocate one of them to another plant with more for them to eat. The first time was in 1999 and I put it on another plant in my yard but in that case too, it didn’t stay. It might have been my imagination but when I relocated this latest one, it seemed disoriented. I had visions of it trying to find its way home! 🙁

Lessons learned. First I’m relocating my Milkweed to a non grub infested area of my yard so they can grow large and full of flowers. Second….I will let nature take it’s course from now on!

Monsoon Mushrooms

It hasn’t really rained much but that hasn’t stopped the mushrooms from popping up everywhere. I spotted these two early this morning and meant to go back for my photo today but got side tracked. At least I made it before the end of the day.

Skipper on Bee Balm

I don’t have an identification for this little guy yet but I do know it is a Skipper. It’s the only one I noticed while exploring up at Schultz Pass and he was gone in a flash so I’m happy to have at least one shot. Canon 180mm Macro lens. ISO 400, 1/1000 sec, f/10. Probably my favorite lens.

Crab Spider on Datura

creature this morning. This time a (barely visible) Crab Spider on a Datura bloom. I captured him hand held with a Canon 24-105mm lens at 105mm. To achieve closer focus, I attached a 500D close-up lens. It doesn’t equate to a true macro lens but works well as an alternative to switching lenses.

Fearless Dragonfly

I saw this Dragonfly as I was hiking down a trail and hoped he would stay around just long enough for a close up. Remembering they typically come back to a perch, I approached slowly and sure enough, even though he would fly away, he would always come back to this twig. The final image is full frame which means my lens was just inches away from him! Thanks Mr. Dragonfly 🙂

Richardson’s Geranium

A single Richardson’s Geranium bloom captured on Schultz Creek Trail. Handheld with my Canon 7D, 180 Macro lens. ISO 800, f/11 at 1/250th.

White Butterfly

I captured this White butterfly on the Shultz Tank trail. A gorgeous but extremely difficult butterfly to photograph. They won’t sit still! Thanks to Tom H for the identity. It’s a Pine White. That’s what I thought but the orange edging confused me. I found out today that the female has orange. Thanks to my Cazba(.org) friends!


Pickin’ Time

It’s an especially good year for Prickly Pear fruit! They look so yummy that I took my friend Alice’s advice and put some in the freezer. Now to check out some recipes. There’s so much more you can do than just that jellied Prickly Pear Candy 🙂

Droid shot of Prickly Pear Fruit during a recent morning walk