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Posts from the ‘Sedona’ Category

Sedona Fall Color – Slide Rock State Park

01-mjensen-slick-rock-2085 The main attraction of Slide Rock State Park is the red rock formations and water that runs through it. It is such a popular swimming area during summer, you can hardly see the red rock for all the people. In fact, it is very difficult to get a photo of the water without people almost all year round. In this next photo, I arrived very early and was lucky to have just two people. I decided I didn’t mind including them. Read more

Sedona Fall Color – Cave Springs Wash

01-mjensen-cave-springs-wash-pano-0035Cave Springs Wash is near the Cave Springs Campground just a few miles north of the West Fork Trail. It is my favorite place to photograph Maple Trees of all colors! Following are my favorite images from this trip: Read more

Sedona Fall Color – West Fork Trail

00-mjensen-west-fork-entrance-sumac-1265Photographers (and tourists) flock to West Fork Trail in the Fall. It is located in Oak Creek Canyon and has a special micro-climate that is perfect for Maple trees which are a treat to see in Arizona. CLICK HERE to see the species of this Maple. Read more

Sedona Fall Color – Campground

mjensen-campground-glass-ball-4805I have very weak WiFi this trip so this time, my posts will be summaries of my favorite locations. My first post will feature photos from the Campground. It sits along Oak Creek in Oak Creek Canyon under a canopy of Sycamore trees and, as you might imagine, it is absolutely gorgeous! Read more

Flagstaff August Part One

mjensen_inner-basin-trailhead-amanita-2433Rain every day (and a few overnights) meant there was plenty of fungi this trip! It also meant conditions were pretty much the same as July making photography challenging again. All but a few of my images were taken with either my Smartphone or my Canon compacts. They all got fairly wet at times but survived! Read more

Cicada Art

This week, I conducted an Elements 10 class explaining Layer Masks and showing the fun things you can create with them. This Cicada was one of the textured images I showed. I photographed this Cicada on concrete and then added two textures. Very easy and I think he looks great 🙂

Venus de Tlaquepaque

I love this statue and photographed it from several angles before I finally settled on this one. I liked it because it included the bell at the entrance of Tlaquepaque. (You can find more of my images on Google Plus)

Doorways at Tlaquepaque

Photographers know that light is the most important ingredient in a successful photograph. Training yourself to see it, though, takes a lot of practice for most people…including me. Doorways, such as these at Tlaquepaque, are great subjects late in the day. You might not see just how much light is being reflected on the other side but always shoot because you might be surprised! That was the case for me in these two photos. Hope your photography is full of surprises 🙂