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saguaro cactus trail

Fabulous hike on North State Trust Land this morning with a snake encounter at the end!

That footage is a little shaky 🙂


Shot with Canon Powershot SX1. Today I learned that movie mode doesn’t focus very close.
Next time I’ll zoom in for the close-ups. That might have helped with the overexposures too.
In case you’re interested, I use Sony Vegas Studio 9 Platinum for video editing.

mormon tea…..a desert conifer

The definition of conifer is a shrub or tree that bears cones. Have you ever looked very closely at a Mormon Tea? Surprise! It’s a conifer. Look even closer at this time of year and you’ll see the cones sprouting with blooms.

Extreme Close-up of Momon Tea Blooms
mormon tea blooms

Close look at Cones
mormon tea cones

A few common names for this plant are Mormon Tea, Joint-pine and Ephedra. Whatever you call it, take a magnifying glass with you on your next hike. Not just for the Mormon Tea but for all the tiny things blooming right now. The details are amazing.

Mormon Tea Shrub in Bloom
mormon tea shrub in bloom

Tech info for extreme close-ups: Canon SX1. Super Macro setting, ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/1600 second. It was windy and I was hand holding so even at 1/1600 sec, there’s still slight movement.

McDowell Mountains

I shot 39 vertical images to create this panorama of the McDowell Mountains in Scottsdale, Arizona. When and if the preservation goal can be reached, the McDowell Sonoran Preserve will cover one third of Scottsdale. Pretty cool!

(click above photo for larger version. When the larger photo opens, you might need to click on it for the full version. Use your bottom scroll bar to see the entire image.)

McDowell Sonoran Preserve groundbreaking

Gateway Groundbreaking
The much anticipated groundbreaking for the Gateway to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve was held yesterday morning. Pictured from left to right are Len Marcisz (MSC board member), Carla (long time conservation advocate), Betty Drake (councilwoman), Jamie Drinkwater Buchanan (former Mayor Drinkwater’s daughter), Mary Manross (Scottsdale’s Mayor), Art Decabooter (president of SCC) and Jane Rau (MSC board member). Behind them is councilman Tony Nelssen on one of his mules.

Photo FYI: Canon 40D and Sigma 18-200mm lens. Shooting into the sun was a challenge. I converted to black and white to give it a journalistic look.