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weather forecast

This is an image of a small thicket of trees that we’ve passed each afternoon while hiking to town. To me their color and bare limbs portray how cold it is here. I thought an abstract would translate that even more so I shook my camera as I pressed the shutter. Do you sense the cold? I suppose you might since I told you that’s what you were supposed to feel 🙂
Below is what the trees look like in reality.

(No wireless signal today so this is auto-scheduled post)

West Fork color

This image was taken last weekend at the West Fork Trail in Sedona. We’re going back today to check out the color before it is gone. I’m only going to shoot abstracts this time using either a very slow shutter speed with one of my zoom lenses or using my Lensbaby. This is my favorite kind of shooting since it requires no tripod but it’s also a hit or miss process. Hope I have something to show tomorrow 🙂