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shoot today for it may be gone tomorrow

While in my 2003 Arches folder yesterday, I found images of a tree that was no longer standing by Balanced Rock when we visited last year. It proves the point that we need to shoot it when we see it! I would have loved another chance to shoot the tree in sweet light but at least I was able to document it.

Balanced Rock Tree – converted to B/W using Photoshop’s B/W adjustment layer.
Arches National Park Tree

Tech info: 15mm lens on a Canon 10D.

dueling blogs

One of my shooting buddies, Barry White, just started a blog. I’ve been giving him a hard time about it for several years so it’s about time! Welcome Barry 🙂

His photo today is very similar to my first shot of Balanced Rock so I thought I’d post mine. My shot was taken on October 7th, 2003. (I like Barry’s shooting angle better than mine). I was with him when he shot his (2009) so I know he did an HDR. Mine is just a single shot but I did “Topaz it Up” a bit 🙂

balanced rock in arches national park

Our images remind me of a favorite “What the Duck” strip.