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does this face look familiar?

Does this boulder face look familiar? Maybe I should first ask if you see a face? (upper right)
boulder face and saguaro

What came to my mind when I saw this boulder was the jazz singer on the Muppets. Remember her? As I walked a little farther, she was even more clear. While looking for a link to include, I found out her name is Janice. I never knew that, did you? To do her justice, I gave her a makeover. OK…just plain silly, I know 🙂

rock knob

We’ve had frost two mornings in a row and are in for a third. This shot taken at Rock Knob yesterday is not a photo of frost but I thought the backlighting made it kind of look like there is frost. Time of day wasn’t ideal for photography but we had a blast exploring the area.

rock knob

Rock Knob is a huge pile of boulders with many strewn in the surrounding landscape. It offers spectacular views of the Superstition Mountains, the Four Peaks Wilderness area and the McDowell Mountains.

Four Peaks had had a little snow on them yesterday.
rock knob and four peaks

One of many fantastic boulder outcroppings around Rock Knob. These are looking over toward the McDowell Mountains.
boulder people

Rock Knob is in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve close to the Northeast access to Toms Thumb trail.

steel boulders

It took 2 years of trying to make things grow before I gave up and decided to grow boulders
and yard art instead. Here’s a photo of some steel boulders I asked my artist friend Joan Waters
to make for me. They serve two purposes. The first is to hold back the bank and the second
is to look cool! During the last month, I noticed that as the sun was rising, it was “kissing” the
tops of the boulders. With a little help from Photoshop, this is what I was seeing.

steel boulders created by Joan Waters
steel boulders created by Joan Waters

setting boulders

Since the crane company charges for travel time as well as site time, I worked hard to make
sure I was completely prepared so we wouldn’t waste one single minute. Being prepared
ended up saving over an hour of time thus saving lots of money.

Time and money savers?:

First: A detailed plan. Second: Photos of each and every boulder with measurements on photos.
Third: Holes dug for boulders. Fourth?: Chris! He dislikes (INTENSELY!) anything to do with yard
work so this was a HUGE favor on his part. I’m very grateful because it saved me from having to
hire someone to help me position the boulders (takes 2 people).


crane arrives and has to make a 3 point turn at dead end
crane arrives and has to make a 3 point turn at dead end
Pam the Boulder Girl rocks! :-)
Pam the Boulder Girl rocks! 🙂



thanks Chris :-)
thanks Chris 🙂

I can hardly move this morning but all in all it was SO much fun 🙂

yard lizard

The main goal for my landscaping is to create an ultimate desert photo op.
One missing element in my yard is rocks and boulders but some are coming next week.


They will make this guy very happy! He was captured from my dining room window.
Once he has a boulder to hide under and do push ups on, I’m hoping he comes back 🙂


I don’t have a Lizard ID book yet so if anyone knows who this guy is, let me know. Thanks!