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banana yucca flower bud

One of my Banana Yuccas has a flower bud. Of course I have to document!
Here’s the whole plant as well as two close-ups.

Canon 100mm macro at f/8
banana yucca

Close-up at f/4
banana yucca

Same distance but different angle and at f/2.8
banana yucca

All images were taken last night as the sun was setting. The background color in the last one is a Creosote bush being kissed by last light. What a difference an f/stop makes!

here’s what’s blooming

Here are more images taken with the 70-200mm lens. This time, the subjects are flowers shot
in my yard late yesterday. The sun had already gone down and it was very windy so I used an
ISO of 1600 and shot at f/4. Considering all were hand held, I’m very happy with the outcome.

I’m also happy that my plants seem to be happy 🙂

Pink Fairy Duster
(Calliandra eriophylla)

Gooding’s Verbena (Glandularia gooddingii)

Chuparosa (Justicia californica)

Desert Marigold (Baileya multiradiata)

Desert Tobacco (Nicotiana trigonophylla)

Blackfoot Daisy (Melampodium leucanthum)

All these plants are native to the Sonoran Desert. Some sprouted up on their own which
is especially exciting to me since it means the soil is finally in a decent condition for growth.

yard lizard

The main goal for my landscaping is to create an ultimate desert photo op.
One missing element in my yard is rocks and boulders but some are coming next week.


They will make this guy very happy! He was captured from my dining room window.
Once he has a boulder to hide under and do push ups on, I’m hoping he comes back 🙂


I don’t have a Lizard ID book yet so if anyone knows who this guy is, let me know. Thanks!

fighting chance

Now that there’s a fence around Javelina Cafe, this Parry’s Agave will finally be able to have babies.
Agaves send out runners (called offsets) under ground which Javelina find irresistible!
Note the pup in the photo below has already been chewed on. The center looks strong, though.


Also….a bloom has been allowed to mature, thanks to the fence.
I’m really looking forward to next Spring 🙂