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pacman rock

Frustrating Photoshop issues rearing their ugly heads but I did enjoy a hike to Toms Thumb this am.
Here’s a new rock face to add to my folder. Looks like Pacman, don’t you think? Sleepy Pacman 🙂
I was lucky to get a person in the image for scale (lower right).


Thanks to my friend Barry who spent all afternoon troubleshooting with me!

looking for photo ops

I try to keep an eye out for future photo ops for this blog and then write them down so I don’t forget.
Yesterday as I was spreading the rip rap in the washes, I found several beautifully colored rocks and
one that had an impression etched in it of what was probably roots.


To me, the impression looked like a Chinese drawing of a Bonsai tree and the rock looked like pottery.
Definitely worthy of another photo session so I’ll put it my other treasured rocks. It’s a big pile 🙂