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banana yucca flower bud

One of my Banana Yuccas has a flower bud. Of course I have to document!
Here’s the whole plant as well as two close-ups.

Canon 100mm macro at f/8
banana yucca

Close-up at f/4
banana yucca

Same distance but different angle and at f/2.8
banana yucca

All images were taken last night as the sun was setting. The background color in the last one is a Creosote bush being kissed by last light. What a difference an f/stop makes!

fighting chance

Now that there’s a fence around Javelina Cafe, this Parry’s Agave will finally be able to have babies.
Agaves send out runners (called offsets) under ground which Javelina find irresistible!
Note the pup in the photo below has already been chewed on. The center looks strong, though.


Also….a bloom has been allowed to mature, thanks to the fence.
I’m really looking forward to next Spring 🙂


being prepared

I always have a camera with me, (as you probably know), even if I don’t have shooting in mind because you never know when a photo op is going to present itself. Such was the case yesterday when I was on my way back from Home Depot (bought Javelina fencing….more later) and saw this huge Barrel Cactus out of the corner of my eye. It was overcast so the color of the blooms was unbelievably vivid! Thankfully the road I was on has very little traffic, because I literally slammed on my brakes. After I got over the vision of a rear end collision, I pulled over to the side of the road, walked through barbed wire fence and fought off rattlesnakes (not really) to get these photos.