a phototographers dream day

First I get up, walk out the door, walk a minute and I’m staring at Oak Creek. Ahhh. Here’s anotherr reflection:

oak creek reflection
oak creek reflection

A short drive north and we encounter the best fall color in years at the West Fork Trail!

West Fork Trail in Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona

Then heading toward Utah, we stop in Bluff and I get to see the famous flute playing sheep! Sand Island Petroglyphs


Finally at our campground (see our cute RV), we get a glimpse of what we might expect all next week.
Look at the Cottonwoods!

Cottonwoods along the San Juan River in Bluff, Utah
Cottonwoods along the San Juan River in Bluff, Utah

No internet connection tomorrow and possibly the next but stay tuned for more photos.

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  1. I discovered this blog today because I have a Google Alert set for anything that mentions Bluff, Utah – where my heart lives, if not my body. From here I went to your YouTube videos and especially enjoyed the kittens. I am guessing you live in Southern AZ. I live in Northern AZ. Nice photos. I’ll come back often.

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