catch and release rule

Cleo with his prize last night. We have a catch and release rule here and 99 percent
of the time the lizards live to tell about their ordeal. This was a good day for the lizard 🙂


Not a great photo but this was shot with my 5DMK2 which is NOT an action camera.

6 thoughts on “catch and release rule”

  1. Okay, I want a harness like that for Abby! Where did you get it? And dontcha just love it when commenters ignore the photo and want to know “where to get?” — Carol Leigh

  2. It’s really interesting how the brain (or at least My brain) sees the first glimpse of an image and infers something about the subject. When I first saw the thumbnail in Google Reader, I thought “Oddly proportioned Clydesdale”. I guess I’ve never seen a cat harness and that influenced me. How weird is that?

    Do the cats know to catch and release or is there some human intervention?

  3. Yes…you’re weird but that’s what I like about you!
    As for the catch and release rule…you probably know the answer but yes…human intervention is needed. He lets them go with intention of playing and catching them again but I get in his way 🙂

  4. Great catch!! (to you as well as Cleo!) I have lizards in my condo. Do you have any ideas how I can catch them? I would like to take them back outside. Or, maybe I should just leave it alone. The two I have seen are about 1 1/2″ – maybe baby geckos.

  5. Thanks, Carol! We have Geckos that hang around our garage because they like to eat moths which are attracted to the outside lights. Apparently moths are one of the Geckos favorite foods so if some moths have flown into your condo, maybe that’s why you have Geckos! Either way, I’d welcome them 🙂

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