saguaro cactus trail

Fabulous hike on North State Trust Land this morning with a snake encounter at the end!

That footage is a little shaky 🙂


Shot with Canon Powershot SX1. Today I learned that movie mode doesn’t focus very close.
Next time I’ll zoom in for the close-ups. That might have helped with the overexposures too.
In case you’re interested, I use Sony Vegas Studio 9 Platinum for video editing.

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  1. Marriane,
    The moving pics register in the brain much better than the stills.
    Great shots of the D-back, and the ending!
    thanks for sending,

  2. Brigitte and I watched the video on the iPad this morning over breakfast. It’s a compelling way to show what you saw and what it was like. We have two questions: how is Cholla pronounced? And, Cheeseweed? Really? 🙂

    How long is the wildflower season in the desert?

    Jim & Brigitte

  3. What a surprise! We didn’t realize you were doing a video during the whole hike. You really captured the experience! Thank you,
    John & Fran

  4. Thanks for your comments everyone! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    Jim: Cholla is pronouced “choy-ya”. The two Ls become a Y.

    As for Wildflowers….I’ll change that to “flowers” and say that we have a great show for a few months. Lower elevations start as early as late February and Higher elevations have wonderful flowers up to late May. Saguaro blooms are typically the last to show up (about mid May through June. Annuals (poppies) are pretty much done at lower elevations but a friend and I just hiked up to about 3800ft today and there are still poppies and lupine up there. What we have coming out now are what I call the second batch of species that typically show up in late April. Mariposa Lilies are especially widespread (high elevation) this year! So is Mountain Delphinium. Lots of great stuff right now if you have the lungs to climb 🙂

    As for Cheeseweed? Yes…really! Crushed foliage really does smell like cheese 🙂

  5. Hi Marianne:
    Enjoyed the hike today and your video gave an excellent summary of the hike. Now my favorite scenic hikes in the preserve are Tom Thumb, Sunrise Peak and the Cactus loop. I liked the way you used the swivel screen to shoot the video at a lower level. I also enjoyed seeing the names of the flowers right on the video. Excellent. The snake made the trip memorable and how well it posed for us. We could not have asked for a better ending. You have a steady hand.

  6. Joni sent this to me and I loved it. I spent many years visiting with my son in Arizona and he had me hiking through a lot of terrain. I am looking forward to visiting again and seeing some of the trails Joni tells us about. Thanks for this nice video.

  7. Great video; luv seeing the action, especially the diamondback at the end! Enjoyed the flower name overlay too. That’s very helpful. Cindy

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